Same-Sex Households, 2009-2014

Designed as a 10” x 53.5” color print – See detail below

Purpose: An infographic of same-sex households from 2009-2014 to include a thematic map of quantitative data, charts/graphs, and facts.


  • Located data of same-sex households, combined into one spreadsheet and formatted it for importing into ArcMap.
  • Located shapefile of United States.
  • Joined the excel data to the shapefile.
  • Determined a common classification for all 6 maps.
  • Created two custom color ramps.
  • Created a timeline style layout.
  • Determined same-sex marriage timeline and added as facts and graphs.
  • Created in ArcMap 10.3

Specifications: Designed for 10” x 53.5” color print or online viewing.

Detail of Same-sex Households Poster